Aromatherapy Courses

Undertaking an aromatherapy course can open up the doors to a very rewarding and personally fulfilling career with plenty of opportunity for growth. The courses offered in this complementary medicine field are suitable for people looking to enter into the workforce for the first time, gain additional skills, start their own business or simply fuel an interest.

Aromatherapy promotes physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing through the use of essential oils and other plant compounds. The alternative practice is used to treat and prevent disease; aids in maintaining the health of muscles and organs; and has an influence on hormones and the wellbeing of the immune system.

Aromatherapy is growing in popularity and is increasingly being used to manage stress, anxiety and other psychological conditions. This modality is widely practiced amongst traditional nature therapists who include such methods as massage, reflexology and Chinese medicine in the healing process.

Career Outcomes

A career in Aromatherapy could see you working in a variety of settings including:

  • Clinics
  • Hospices
  • Hospitals
  • Community healthcare
  • Beauty salons
  • Clients’ homes
  • Health retreats
  • Research facilities
  • Retail / health food stores
  • Essential oils manufacturing companies

Job Outlook for Aromatherapy Professionals

If you're considering whether a career in aromatherapy is right for you, here are some relevant figures for you to take into consideration.

  • By 2018, there will be an estimated 220,400 jobs for the Natural Therapy Industry in Australia
  • Average Salary for Natural Therapy: $49,526

Types of Aromatherapy Courses

There are only a couple of options available for those looking to enter the field of complementary medicine as an aromatherapist, making it quite an easy process. These are suitable for those wanting to commence a career in the industry or for those wanting to extend their existing knowledge in holistic healing.

Certificate IV

A Certificate IV in Aromatherapy does not require any previous knowledge in the modality and is ideal for those wanting to obtain a fundamental understanding of the practice. The TAFE course, available online or on-campus, is suitable for anyone wanting a change in career, wanting to improve their professional skill set, or for school leavers. This qualification will provide graduates with the knowledge to be an aromatherapist working in clinics, aged care or health facilities and spa retreats, as well as in the manufacturing and retail of aromatherapy products.


Whilst still a TAFE-level qualification, the Diploma of Aromatherapy requires students to have completed the Certificate IV in Aromatherapy and further builds on the knowledge gained during that course. It is structured to accommodate those who are new to the industry of holistic healing as well as those looking to take their training to the next level. The Diploma of Aromatherapy is also valuable for aromatherapists who have trained overseas, but want to work within Australia. Gaining this qualification will help to ensure their training meets Australia’s requirements.

Is aromatherapy right for you?

If you are considering aromatherapy as a professional, it's vital you have excellent people skills, as caring for others is the key to the practice.  A holistic approach to healing is adopted as the aromatherapist aims to restore balance to the individual’s mental, physical and spiritual health through the use of plant-based oils.

It is essential you are comfortable talking openly to clients about their emotional and physical health issues, and have the ability to encourage clients to divulge information where required.

A sense of creativity is also handy, as there is a scientific art to the blending of essential oils and aromatic extracts.  And if treating people on a daily basis is not right for you, opportunities also exist in the manufacture and sale of the oils.

If you are interested in helping people relieve their symptoms of illness through complementary therapies, aromatherapy could be the right career for you.