What is Celebrancy?

Celebrants play an official role in some of life’s biggest occasions – such as weddings, funerals, and naming ceremonies – and throughout history, this important position has typically been held by priests, bishops, and other religious figures. Civil Celebrancy provides an alternate option for those whose beliefs fall outside of the bounds of traditional religious doctrines, allowing them to mark these special occasions in a way that is dignified, relevant, and legally recognised.

Celebrancy in Australia

Civil celebrancy began right here in Australia back in 1973 when the world’s first Civil Celebrant program was created by the Whitlam Government, and it fast became popular. In fact, over the past 20 years the majority of Australian marriages have been conducted by Civil Celebrants and there are now over 9,000 registered Civil Marriage Celebrants working across the country.

Most Civil Celebrants work on a part time basis and the majority specialise in weddings, with ceremonies taking place anywhere from beaches, gardens, and forests right through to skydiving and even underwater weddings. The rate of pay varies depending on the Celebrant’s experience and the type of service being provided; however, the average wedding typically pays somewhere between $150 and $800.

How to Become a Wedding Celebrant

To legally work as a Civil Celebrant in Australia you need to abide by a number of strict regulations, including the Celebrant’s Code of Conduct, the Marriage Act (1961), and the Marriage Regulations (1963). You must also be licensed by the Department of the Attorney General, which requires the completion of an approved marriage celebrant course. Here at training.com.au, we make navigating this tricky process easy, as every one of our celebrant course options are designed to meet national standards.

The most direct path to becoming a marriage celebrant is by completing a Certificate IV in Celebrancy, as this popular program meets all of the requirements set out by the Australian Government. Here you will learn about a wide range of celebrant services, including weddings, funerals, and naming ceremonies, and master the art of providing professional, unique, and meaningful ceremonies that your clients will love. Better yet, regardless of if you take an in-class funeral celebrant program or a marriage celebrant course online, you will boost your creativity, sharpen your communication skills, and emerge ready to run your own successful celebrant business.

Once you have completed an approved Civil Celebrancy course you will be eligible to register with the Registrar of Marriage Celebrants in Australia, which requires a $600 application fee. If successful, you will then need to pay an additional $240 annual registration fee and complete some form of yearly professional development in order to maintain your Civil Celebrant licence.

Whether you are looking for a wedding celebrant course in Sydney, a funeral celebrant course in Hobart, or an online celebrant course, you’ve come to the right place, because here at training.com.au you’ll find a wide range of Australia’s best training programs.

What Are Future Prospects for Celebrancy?

The demand for Civil Celebrants in Australia has grown dramatically in recent years, with nearly 75% of all marriages held in 2019 performed by a Civil Celebrant. Now that same-sex unions have finally been legalised, the future couldn’t be brighter, with many expecting a huge upsurge in the demand for Civil Celebrants over the coming years.

Creative types skilled in the art of social media can expect to enjoy the lion’s share of opportunities, as the secret to success in this increasingly popular industry is finding ways to stand out from the crowd.

Is a career as a Celebrant right for you?

A career as a Celebrant certainly isn’t for everyone; after all, you need to be caring and compassionate, extremely professional, and comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people. The following skills and talents are also a must;

  • Clear communication
  • A non-judgemental attitude
  • Good time management
  • A creative flair
  • Plenty of patience
  • The ability to multi-task
  • A sense of humour

Are you ready to throw your hat into the ring as a Civil Celebrant in Australia? Then what are you waiting for? Just find your course, get signed up, and start today!

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