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Photography Certificate

Short Course
This is a short course focused on skill based training rather than a nationally accredited certificate or diploma.

The photography industry is one where both creativity and skill both come in to play. Though you don’t need a university degree to become a photographer, you do need the correct equipment, the appropriate skills and creativity. It may seem that p...

Study Method Online
Location Anywhere
Job Outcomes Wedding Photographer +6
Learning Online -  Course

Professional Photography Business Certificate

Short Course
This is a short course focused on skill based training rather than a nationally accredited certificate or diploma.

Starting your own business can be a difficult and financially straining feat. Photography is an especially tough industry to break in to on a professional level which is why we offer this course. It’s been specifically designed over 15 years and...

Study Method Online
Location Anywhere
Job Outcomes Photography business owner +10
Learning Online -  Course

Wildlife Photography Certificate

Short Course
This is a short course focused on skill based training rather than a nationally accredited certificate or diploma.

Do you have a passion for wildlife? Do you also have a passion for photography? Then this is the course for you! Learning Online is proud to present the only specialised online photography certificate in Australia. Learn from photography professionals...

Study Method Online
Location Anywhere
Job Outcomes Wildlife Photographer +4
Learning Online -  Course

Professional Photography Certificate

Short Course
This is a short course focused on skill based training rather than a nationally accredited certificate or diploma.

This course has been designed and developed for over 15 years, making it one of the best professional photography certificate courses on the market. It will take any willing student from amateur level to professional in the space of 30 weeks. Fully onl...

Study Method Online
Location Anywhere
Job Outcomes Photography business owner +10
Learning Online -  Course

Shoot for the stars with photography qualification

There’s always a lot of competition for good photography jobs. Whether you dream of breaking into the industry, or honing your existing skills, photography courses give you that vital advantage in terms of skills, practical experience and qualifications. Plus, you’ll learn the best way to present your new portfolio of work. Study online, by distance or in class and earn a photography certificate or diploma from a leading TAFE or college in Australia.

A breathtaking photo speaks a thousand words. That’s why publishers, businesses and people pay photographers good money to do what they love – be it specialising in travel, weddings, online, fashion, food, business, portraits, news, nature, sports or any other subject that make them snap-happy.

A career in photography is more than just snapping away with a camera on an automatic setting. With the right qualifications and experience, photographers can be employed fulltime within large companies, work and run their own private studio or freelance for magazines, newspapers and websites. Photographers specialise in certain areas such as photojournalism, commercial photography, studio portraits or social events such as weddings and birthdays.

Photographers are not always on location shooting but when they are, they’re responsible for selecting the type of camera, film, filters and lighting, setting up desired compositions and capturing the important moments. Off location, photographers are required to process images either digitally or with the use of chemicals and processing techniques for developing film. As many photographers work as freelancers, a dedication for networking is a must to build and expand their own client base and maintain an income.

The field of photography is competitive. But if you have a high level of creativity, an artistic vision and are driven you have the opportunity to make a fulfilling and successful career after completing a photography course.

Career Outcomes

Careers and courses in photography are diverse with the subject matter in many cases dictating the areas you specialise in. Photographers may work with celebrities, everyday people and children to animals, products, landscapes and architecture. Here are just a few job titles that you might have on completion of your photography course.

  • Photojournalist
  • Art Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Sports Photographer
  • Property Photographer
  • Commercial / Advertising Photographer
  • Medical / Scientific Photographer
  • Social Photographer

Job Outlook for Photography Professionals

If you’re considering a career in photography, here are some figures that will be relevant to you from the Australian Government Job Outlook Initiative:

  • The photography industry is expected to grow by 6.1% from 2013 to 2018
  • The most common level of the photography courses attained is a Bachelor degree
  • Average Salary: Photography: $57,500
  • 27% of photographers are females working part-time

Types of Photography Courses

There are a variety of photography courses available from online short courses and TAFE certificates to bachelor degrees and postgraduate studies. The most common level of education attained by photographers is a bachelor, however there are ample photographers working as freelancers particularly in the social field without any formal education. This can be limiting if you wish to advance your career into the corporate or the photojournalism sector.

Those photographers whose work stands out and attracts attention from within and outside of the industry have usually dedicated time to master their art and develop their skillset. Here is a brief look at the various photography courses that are available to you.

Photography Short Courses

Short courses are a good option if you want to dip your toes in. They may help you to decide whether you have the required expertise and personality to create a successful career in photography. Many short courses are delivered entirely online and extend you knowledge of digital SLR camera’s including their functions, settings and capabilities. Through photography short courses you can gain an understanding of photography fundaments from exposure and setting up composition to lighting and postproduction techniques.

Certificate IV

A Certificate IV in Photo Imaging will focusing on lighting, image capturing, enhancements and manipulation. Students will gain an understanding of how to process images for print applications as well as to file stage. They will learn how to capture photos in response to a particular brief as well as explore the use of colour. There is former education required and several study options including full-time, part-time and external.

Advanced Diploma

Gaining an Advanced Diploma of Photography provides you with the qualifications to become a professional multi-skilled photographer in the photographic and digital imaging industry. This course includes two years of core studies and a further year specialising in commercial photography, art photography or photojournalism. This in an in-depth course focusing on the creative process, digital capturing, studio and photographic techniques and post production. An advanced diploma can be undertaken full or part-time on campus and requirements include relevant experience, senior secondary certificate and a mature background.


A Bachelor of Photography has been specifically designed for those wanting to establish successful and prominent roles in the photographic industry. It is a program held in high regard and well known for producing distinctive, innovative and creative professionals.

Classes are held in a relatively intimate environment where students are encouraged to explore the creation of photographic imagery and portfolios in a creative and daring way.

Students will be able to apply their knowledge during their final year of independent studies in a mentor program within the areas of commercial photography, art photography or photojournalism. The Bachelor of Photography is structured over three years and is recognised by leading industry bodies such as the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and the Advertising, Commercial and Magazine Photographers ACMP.

Photography Courses Online

There are a huge range of short and longer duration photography courses available online to turn your interest in using a camera into a profession. These courses offer flexible learning terms, full support and are great for those entering the industry for the first time or those wanting to expand their knowledge.

Is Photography right for you?

Photography can be a very rewarding and exciting career for those with a passion for the camera. Becoming a freelance photographer is a particularly desirable career as is a great way to fuel your creativity and avoid a typically 9am-5pm job. It is also very competitive so you need to be dedicated.

Those who specialise in a particular field of photography are more likely to succeed in the industry. To become a great photographer you will been to have creative bones and a good eye for composition, shape, form and colour. You will also need excellent communication and people skills with the ability to make people feel relaxed and confident in your abilities.

As a photographer, and particularly as a freelancer, you will need a healthy savings fund to purchase all the equipment required. Photography equipment is on the expensive side and does need regularly upgrading. This is one thing to keep in mind before you embark on a career in the industry. You will also be required to have a good business sense and the ability to market yourself so that you can pay off your camera, lighting and computer equipment!

Working as a photographer can take you around the world, to different locations and to meet a variety of personality types. You will need to be driven, self-motivated and above all have the skillset and eye to make your work stand out from the pack. If this career sounds like you, check out the photography courses available now.

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