What Microsoft Courses are Available?

There is a huge range of Microsoft Courses available all over Australia. Whether you want to learn about one specific program, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Powerpoint, or cover using Microsoft as a part of a short course that covers a wider topic, there’s a course that could be perfect for you! These may include:

  • Administrative courses that cover Microsoft access, including business administration
  • Courses for those who are going to be using Microsoft Outlook as their main method of communication
  • Data analysis courses that include how to use Microsoft programs including excel for data purposes
  • How to use specific Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Azure, and how they work with other programs such as OneNote or Chromebook
  • Word processing courses that will involve a Microsoft project
  • How Microsoft works on different servers, such as Windows Servers

Microsoft Office Courses can help prepare you for your career and your future, whatever that may look like!

How to Study Microsoft Courses

Courses are available in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and other major cities, as well as some rural areas. Online courses are constantly increasing in popularity, especially in light of COVID-19 and a focus on work-life balance. This means that you can complete online training from your home without having to travel extensively or move to a major city to complete your course.

If you’re interested in studying a Microsoft course, enquire about how to enrol in a specific course listed above!