Entrepreneurship courses

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are often business owners. They’re people who bring business ideas to life by developing them into start-ups and eventually growing them into profitable organisations.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, you’ll be able to identify business opportunities in the market. From here, business management, business strategy and project management skills are beneficial for generating a good business plan and getting your new business off the ground.

Entrepreneurship in Australia

According to the 2019/20 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Australian employees are the most likely to engage in entrepreneurial activities for an employer but a large majority (52.4%) will not start a business due to fear of failure. 

In 2019, the percentage of Australian adults who were in the early stages of starting a business declined by 1.7% (2017) to 10.5%. 26.7% of these early and established entrepreneurs work in the business services industry.

Australian entrepreneurs span over a large age range. However, the majority sit in the 25-34 and 35-44-year-old age brackets. Approximately 42% of Australian entrepreneurs are female.

26.4% of entrepreneurs have an undergraduate degree, while 26.1% have a VET or equivalent qualification. 

Job outlook

Despite so many Australians having fears about starting a business, entrepreneurs can thrive in Australia. The small businesses industry in Australia continues to grow, with businesses that employ less than 20 employees making up 98% of Australian businesses and 44% of Australia‘s workforce.

Instead of being an employee of these small businesses, you can become an owner of your own successful business. An entrepreneurial qualification, however, doesn’t just equip you for becoming a business owner. It can also lead you to become a:

  • Management consultant
  • Financial broker
  • Human resources manager
  • Development officer
  • Fundraising officer
  • Sales executive

Entrepreneurship courses

No matter your career goals, learning entrepreneurial skills are invaluable in any career you choose to pursue. The skills learnt in these qualifications, such as decision-making and business skills, are highly transferable.


Certification in entrepreneurship is a great way to develop the core skills and knowledge possessed by most successful entrepreneurs. This level of qualification focuses on developing “real-world” soft skills required for effective business networking and critical thinking. You’ll also learn how to create proposals, business models, arrange finances and develop a digital marketing plan.

Most certificates are online courses, allowing for flexible and accessible learning, no matter your circumstances.

Undergraduate degree

A bachelor of applied entrepreneurship is a comprehensive and diverse qualification for those looking to start their career with the most solid foundation of knowledge possible. This qualification covers multiple study areas, including sales, leadership, project management and investment.

Most undergraduate qualifications are offered by business schools and can be studied both full-time or part-time.

Whether you’re ready to take risks and embark on a new venture or you’re looking to move forward in your current career path, an entrepreneurship course can make all the difference.

Learn key business skills, make your mark and enquire about a course now!

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