Types of Courses


A Certificate level, Work Health and Safety course will introduce you to everything related to preventing workplace injury and creating a safe work environment. The knowledge you acquire will be especially valuable if you plan to work or currently work in a high-risk industry, like building and construction.


A diploma will go one step further and make sure you’re even more prepared. Complete a nationally recognised Diploma of Work Health and Safety and acquire skills and knowledge that will make you highly sought after in highly regulated industries. Complete this course within two years and improve your overall employability or even take on more responsibilities in your current workplace.


With a postgraduate qualification to your name, like the Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management, you will be in high demand. You’ll gain extensive knowledge on risk assessment, hazard identification and control measures.

Study Online or In-Class

With so many courses to choose from, you can decide whether you would like to study online or in-class. Online is best if you require maximum flexibility and would like to decide when and where you study. In-class courses would be more suited to individuals who consider themselves practical or hands-on learners.

Is a Work Health and Safety Course Right for You?

If you plan to work or currently work in a dangerous industry, are passionate about helping others and have excellent attention to detail that will assist you in spotting potential hazards, a Work Health and Safety course may be perfect for you.

WHS qualifications are needed in every industry

While people working in industries such as manufacturing and construction are at higher risk, every business needs to comply with WHS regulations. You can greatly increase your appeal to any employer by studying a nationally-recognised Work Health & Safety Courses.

Above you will find WHS certificates and diplomas run through TAFEs and colleges around Australia. Study online or in class, fulltime or self-paced, and gain the skills, knowledge and accreditation to make an invaluable difference in the business world.

Workplace safety statistics are frightening. In 2010-11 there were 127,330 serious workers’ compensation claims and 130 deaths due to injury. In 2008 the cost of illness and injury in the workplace was $60.6 billion. Whether you work for a company, or as a consultant, knowing how to identify hazards, control risk and incorporate safe work practices will give you the ability to help reduce these alarming figures.