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If you’re interested in event management, event planning and working in the events industry, then completing a wedding planning course could be perfect for you! Learn about the wedding industry, boutique vs large-scale spaces, styling, wedding venues, florists and everything else that a wedding coordinator needs to know to make someone’s big day perfect!

What is a wedding planning course?

A wedding planning course will cover course content that helps you create a wedding, step-by-step. Whether you want to own your own wedding planning business or as one of a team of event managers working for a large company, understanding how a person’s wedding day fits together can be a crucial part of your career.

Depending on what it is you’re aiming to get out of your course, there is a range of wedding planning courses that could suit you. 

A short course may be suitable if you’re only interested in one area of wedding planning, or if you’ve already completed an event management course and are looking to specialise. Meanwhile, if you’re looking work full time as a wedding planner, then a Diploma of Event Management with a focus on being a wedding organiser may be more suited to your needs.

By enrolling in a wedding planning course, what will I learn?

During a course, you may learn about a range of topics, including:

  • The finances of a wedding, incorporating payment plans and credit 
  • The wedding planning industry 
  • How to plan a wedding reception, wedding service etc.
  • How to run a wedding business 
  • What the wedding planner is expected to do on the day of the wedding
  • How people’s lives will affect their wedding day and wedding planning
  • Improving your organizational skills, communication skills and other skill sets you’ll need
  • How to gather feedback, reviews and testimonials
  • The logistics of running your own business
  • How to create a professional wedding planning website

and much more!

How to study as an event planner or wedding planner:

Courses in event planning and wedding planning can be taught through both TAFE and university, although TAFE typically focuses more on short courses.

Many courses are available in part or entirely as an online course, which means you can study your course materials and complete assessments from home. Many registered training organisations (RTOs) also part-time courses, making it easier for you to complete a course at your own pace, or study full time to fast track your career as a wedding planner!

For further information about how to enrol in Australia, work experience, tuition fees and more, enquire about a specific course listed above!