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Certificate IV in Hospitality (Melbourne Only) SIT40416

Our government-funded SIT40416 Certificate IV in Hospitality covers RSA, food handlers certificate (RSF), bar, cocktail making, speed pouring, beer pouring, coffee making, food and beverage service, wine knowledge, how to open/close/manage a venue and...

Study Method Blended, In-class, Online
Location Melbourne Victoria
Job Outcomes Various hospitality roles

Advanced Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism

Short Course
This is a short course focused on skill based training rather than a nationally accredited certificate or diploma.

Learn how to be a responsible, qualified bartender, a certified travel agent, a recognised hotel manager or a knowledgeable, acknowledged restaurateur. This course is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality. It combines our four Travel and Hospitality...

Study Method Online
Location Anywhere
Job Outcomes Hotel Manager +3

Barista Coffee & Food Handlers’ Course (Melb Only) SITSS00080 Espresso Machine Operation Skill Set

Short Course
This is a short course focused on skill based training rather than a nationally accredited certificate or diploma.

Our government-funded ‘Espress Yourself’ Barista course is part of the SITSS00080 Espresso Machine Operation Skill Set. It covers barista coffee service, using the point of sale, and customer service and includes your food handler’s certifi...

Study Method In-class
Location Melbourne Victoria
Job Outcomes Working in cafes, restaurants, bars...

Certificate III in Hospitality (Perth Only) SIT30616

The Certificate III in Hospitality is the perfect qualification for those looking for a career in hospitality including working as barista, bar attendant, waiter/waitress. Whether you imagine working in a restaurant, hotel, motel, funky bar, café, club...

Study Method In-class
Location Perth Western Australia +1
Job Outcomes Cocktail maker +2

Certificate III in Hospitality Traineeship (Melb Only) SIT30616

Our government-funded SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality Traineeship covers RSA, food handlers’ certificate (RSF), bar, cocktail making, speed pouring, beer pouring, coffee making, food and beverage service, wine knowledge, how to open & close...

Study Method In-class
Location Melbourne Victoria
Job Outcomes Catering Assistant

A Career in Hospitality

Hospitality is a broad study area, which can provide you with many different career opportunities at the completion of any number of course options. You might decide to pursue a career in hotels, bars, cafes, cruise liners, restaurants or even resorts.

Hospitality Career Pathways

A qualification in hospitality can lead to exciting careers as a:

  • Cook
  • Hotel Manager
  • Administration Officer
  • Area Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Small Business Manager

Hospitality Courses Online and In-Class

If you need complete flexibility when studying, you’ll be happy to know that most hospitality courses can be studied entirely online. This means that you can study when and where you like without making any compromises on your lifestyle.

Job Outlook for Hospitality

It’s an area which is needed across the country, with employment being steadily available across most regions and states. It also occupies a higher percentage of full-time workers, with almost 90% employed full-time working an average of 41.8 hours per week.

While the average salary does vary by qualification, experience and education; for a hospitality manager, the median salary falls between $44,000 and $76,000 per year. A Diploma or Advanced Diploma of Hospitality is also a common qualification obtained by those employed in the hospitality industry in Australia, with 14.8% having this level qualification or higher.

Responsibilities of a Hospitality Manager

  • Hiring Qualified Staff
  • Coordinating operations
  • Supervising Teams
  • Ensure Efficiency in Events and Operations
  • Handle Customers and Complaints
  • Monitoring Performance of Staff
  • Keep Consistent Records
  • Review and Prepare Reports

Hospitality Courses Online

While the typical qualification in the hospitality industry does vary, to do well you need the backing of a quality education and the right skills to succeed in this competitive area. Areas such as hotel management, restaurant coordination and catering require a high level of technical and business skills to manage and monitor operations effectively.

There are so many course options available in Australia, which include online, in-class and blended methods of delivery so no matter what you’re after; you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.


A certificate in Hospitality is a great way to start your journey in this exciting industry, preparing you with the knowledge and skills that are needed to do well in a mid-level to senior management position. A qualification such as a Certificate III in Hospitality can give you the crucial knowledge in hospitality practices, monitoring methods and customer service. Some Certificate courses also provide Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA), Barista skills and food and beverage preparation and hygiene which can accelerate your experience and knowledge to help you get into higher positions.


A Diploma is a higher-level qualification than a Certificate and usually takes between a year to two years to complete. These are ideal for learning vital management techniques, such as learning how to plan and manage an event or establishment as well as monitor performance and coordinate operations. Many Diploma in Hospitality courses include a work placement component so that you can learn the hands-on skills needed in this industry under the guidance of an experienced professional.

Advanced Diploma

An Advanced Diploma is great for anyone with existing skills and experience in hospitality to learn what’s needed to manage a team and progress their career. It will further develop your understanding of business practices, managing team members, marketing and coordinating different operations simultaneously.

An Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, for instance, can provide you with the skills in preparing a budget, operating a bar, customer service, create a sound customer experience and manage conflicts or complaints effectively. The duration is typically a year and a half to two years in length, but this can often be lessened through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) if you already have existing qualifications or experience in the field.

Bachelor Degree

There are many options to choose from if you want to pursue a bachelor Degree in Hospitality. Some courses major in management, including tourism which can allow you to tailor your disciplines to allow you to become an expert in your chosen field of study. Most Bachelor Degrees in Hospitality will provide a highly in-depth view of the industry, where you can learn the theories, practices and operations used by professionals both in Australia and around the World. A Bachelor is usually between 3-4 years in length, depending on previous qualifications and whether in-class or online.

Is an Online Course in Hospitality Right for you?

If you enjoy interacting with people, are customer service focused and would thrive in a busy and dynamic work environment, Hospitality may be just what you’re looking for. There are many skills that help create a successful employee in this industry, such as:

  • Active listening
  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Time Management
  • Monitoring
  • Decision Making
  • Coordination

Your Hospitality Future Has Never Looked Brighter

The hospitality industry is experiencing a positive bounce back after tough restrictions in the past. With many initiatives to stimulate and boost hospitality growth trends, there is a high demand of skilled employees in the market.

Our hospitality courses online and class-based are made available to you through leading TAFEs and colleges around Australia. They offer full-time, part-time and as self-paced certificate and diploma study options.

Find that perfect online hospitality course for you. Then gain the practical learning, nationally recognised qualification and business knowledge you need to be a standout, in-demand, hospitality industry star.