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Software Engineering: Transform

Short Course
This is a short course focused on skill based training rather than a nationally accredited certificate or diploma.

Academy Xi has leveraged curriculum from New York based tech education provider, Flatiron School, to bring you the Software Engineering: Transform course. With curriculum built by Flatiron School, the Software Engineering: Transform course from Academy...

Study Method Online
Location Anywhere
Job Outcomes Software Engineer +4

Software Engineering Immersive (Full-Time)

Short Course
This is a short course focused on skill based training rather than a nationally accredited certificate or diploma.

Get the tech skills, career advice and networking opportunities needed to start a career in Software Engineering, in three months, including how to use Generative AI in your workflows. Some of the companies that have hired GA grads in Australia are: RE...

Study Method Online, Virtual
Location Anywhere
Job Outcomes Electrical Engineer +1

Certificate III in Engineering – Technical (NSW & QLD Only) MEM30505

This specialised engineering course is designed for those who are entering a technical (non-trade) industry occupations. This qualification gives you an insight in how to organise and communicate information, interact with computing technology, and par...

Study Method Blended, Online
Location New South Wales +1
Job Outcomes Engineering technician +5

Diploma of Engineering – Technical (NSW & QLD Only) MEM50212

This qualification provides you with the practical skills and knowledge to draw and design the necessary specifications an engineering workshop needs to manufacture goods. This course develops on your existing knowledge in how to produce different engi...

Study Method Blended, In-class, Online
Location New South Wales +1
Job Outcomes Engineering project officer +6

Advanced Diploma of Engineering – Mechanical (NSW & QLD Only) MEM60112

The Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Mechanical) is aimed towards those who are looking to advance in a technical paraprofessional role in manufacturing and mechanical control engineering fields. This course has a strong combination of technical skills...

Study Method Blended, In-class, Online
Location New South Wales +1
Job Outcomes Electronics engineering tech... +4

Diploma of Engineering – Technical (Geelong Only) MEM50212

Are you looking to develop your engineering career, or gain practical engineering experience before undertaking a university degree? This course is designed for those wanting to work as an engineering technician, carrying out tasks such as engineering...

Study Method In-class
Location Geelong Victoria
Job Outcomes Engineering technician ̵... +2

Career Outcomes in Engineering

When you complete an Engineering course, you’ll open a world of opportunities for yourself once you graduate. Some job titles that you may acquire, include:

  • Engineering Consultant
  • Biomedical Researcher
  • Engineering Manager
  • Specialist Service Officer
  • Government Planner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Private Planning Consultant
  • Researcher or Academic

Types of Courses


Start your journey towards becoming an Engineer by completing a nationally recognised Engineering or Engineering- Advanced Trade Diploma. Both courses will provide you with highly sought-after skills that will help you create a successful long-term career. They usually only take two years to complete, which means you’ll be entering the workforce in no time.


Postgraduate courses like the Master of Engineering (Engineering Management) will give you current, practical and applied skills and knowledge that will set you apart from the rest. Simply put, engineering is all about making things work. So, make your qualification work for you by completing one that will make you an in-demand candidate for prospective employers.

Job Outlook

Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers:

Average job openings (between 10,001 and 25,000) are expected in this profession over the five years to November 2019.

The median weekly earnings for this occupation are above average. You can expect to earn around $1,818 (before tax) every week.

On average, full-time professionals work 42 hours per week.

Most (31.8%) Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers are aged between 25 and 35.

Men account for 92.6% of workers in this profession.

Civil Engineering Professionals:

Average job openings (between 10,001 and 25,00) are expected for Civil Engineers over the five years leading to November 2019.

In this profession, the median weekly earnings are $1,683 (before tax).

89.6% of Civil Engineers are Male.

25 to 34 is the most common age bracket for this occupation.

Study Online or In-class

If you’re more of a hands-on learner, you can complete many engineering courses on campus. Alternatively, if you’re pressed for time and require maximum flexibility while you study, you can complete an Engineering course online. Online learning allows you to study when and where you like, without the pressure of deadlines.

Is an Engineering Course Suitable for You?

If you’re intrigued by how things work, have excellent problem-solving abilities, can think critically, are good at making decisions and consider yourself a whiz at mathematics, then an Engineering course may be perfect for you.