Career Outcomes

The career outcomes when you complete a science course a wide and varied. Depending on the specific course you choose, you may be able to find employment in Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry, Research, Control Management, Neuroscience, Testing, Teaching and much more!

Types of Courses


By completing a Diploma of Science, you’ll acquire pre-requisite knowledge that will enable you to pursue further studies in a range of different Science-related areas. This may include, environmental sustainability, biomedicine, chemistry or even biology.


When you complete a Bachelor Degree in Science, you’ll obtain extensive up-to-date knowledge in several areas. The Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences) will cover bioscience and biotechnology and will explore areas such as biological chemistry, genetics and microbiology.


Complete a postgraduate science course in the areas of Applied Statistics, Astronomy or even Energy and the Environment and be well on your way towards achieving success in an interesting and dynamic industry. Postgraduate course can take anywhere between 6 months and several years to complete, depending on the level you choose.

Is a Science Course Right for You?

If you’re naturally inquisitive, enjoy discovering new things and have excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills, then a Science course may be the perfect first step towards entering your dream career.