Course Features

The User Experience Design course includes detailed learning materials, assessments, online support and certification upon successful completion. This course will cover the essential tools and techniques of User-centred design. Some of the major topics will include user research, prototyping, wireframes, usability testing and user journeys and scenarios. By the end of the course, you will have learnt a framework on how to design great user experiences and web designs for any product or service. 

Why learn UX Design?

The demand for user experience designers comes from the increase in online services. Understanding UX fundamentals can be very advantageous in the modern era; as UX skills can be applied to many career roles and nearly every online business needs a nicely designed user-friendly website. 

User experience design is a wide-reaching design field that addresses several facets of user experience. From UX design abstraction and understanding to design solutions and creation. 

Some of the skills that can be taught from online courses in UX design include: 

  • Foundation Coding (namely, Html and CSS)
  • Image editing and production 
  • Interface Design / Digital Design
  • Application Development
  • Usability testing and many more!

UX skills can be applied in a variety of real-life jobs in various cities around Australia, such as Melbourne and Sydney. The focus of these skills will be to improve your knowledge of user interface and experience through high-quality teachings from proven industry experts

Delivery Method

All the learning is done online mostly through our login portal. Each module is downloadable, which you could liken to your real-world textbook as it contains all the information you will need to complete your assessments and assignments. Each module is full of detailed technical information delivered in a friendly, conversational manner that is easy to understand. The concepts are explained further by way of diagrams, images and case study examples. Anybody looking to start a career in UX design from an entry-level position or wants to build on knowledge in this industry from a similar background can do so. These UX design course start dates vary and can be done on a full time or part-time basis depending on your preference.