About Digital Media

Are you a creative type looking for a job that is interesting, challenging, and rewarding? If so, a career in digital media may be calling your name. Let’s dive in and find out what this dynamic and cutting edge profession is all about.

What is Digital Media?

Digital media is the art of blending technology and content in a way that is practical, innovative, and user-friendly. This can involve anything from designing and building new products to finding better ways to leverage those already in existence. Digital media also encompasses everything from social media, gaming, and eCommerce, through to data visualisation and virtual reality, and it is playing an increasingly vital role in almost every aspect of modern life.

Digital Media Jobs

Digital media requires a huge range of skills, knowledge, and talent. As a result, you’ll find roles spanning everything from the artistic to the analytical. The following are just a few of the many digital media jobs currently available:

  • Multi-media Designer
  • Data Scientist
  • Copywriter
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Virtual Reality Editor
  • Media and Communications Advisor
  • Product Designer
  • Digital Strategy Manager
  • Bot Developer

Digital Media in Australia

Australia’s digital media sector is one of the world’s fastest growing. In fact, a recent Nielsen Digital Content Ratings report revealed that an estimated 19 million Australians now consume digital content on a daily basis. This includes viewing an average of 25 hours of digital video content per adult per month, while an estimated 15 million Australians (approximately 60% of the entire population) are active Facebook users.

There is no official data on the number of digital media jobs in Australia. However, hundreds of thousands of men and women currently work in digital-related roles right across the country. Jobs can be found in both the public and private sectors and most involve working regular business hours in a typical office setting, although remote work has also become increasingly common in recent years.

The rate of pay for Australia’s digital media professionals varies widely depending on the role. For example, Multi-media Designers currently earn an average of $60,000 P/A, Digital Strategists make around $75,000 P/A, whereas Data Scientists can bring home in excess of $200,000 P/A.

Getting Trained Up

To thrive in digital media you need to be up to speed on the latest tools, technologies, and innovations, and there is no better way to do so than by investing in quality education. Here at training.com.au, you’ll find everything from social media programs and creative media training to digital design courses, all of which are taught by skilled and qualified professionals.

Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced professional looking to upgrade your skills, certificate level courses are a fantastic option. For example, a Certificate IV in Digital Media Technologies touches upon everything from project planning and visual communication to utilising the latest digital technologies, as well as the art of working as an effective part of a creative team. Best of all, most programs can be completed in less than six months and your credentials will be recognised Australia-wide.

Diploma level digital media courses are ideal for those looking for a more in-depth learning experience, as they provide you with the skills to master the latest digital technologies and the confidence you need to be a valuable member of any team. A Diploma of Digital Media Technologies, for instance, involves up to 2 years of full time study and will cover everything from developing design concepts and managing ICT projects, to building complex and dynamic websites.

If you want to advance beyond entry level roles, invest in a bachelor level program, as they are detailed, thorough, and internationally-recognised. Most programs consist of up to four years of full time study. You can focus on anything from Media and Communications to Interaction Design, and you’ll emerge with high level leadership skills and exceptional organisational abilities. Digital media degrees also typically include an internship component, where you’ll gain valuable skills, knowledge, experience, and contacts.

Finding your perfect program is easy at training.com.au, because whether you are looking for a TAFE design course in your local area or online media courses, we advertise a wide selection of Australia’s best digital training courses.

Career Prospects

As the world becomes increasingly high tech, the role of digital media continues to grow in importance – this means that you won’t find many career paths more future-proof than those in digital media. In fact, a recent World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report declared a wide range of digital media related roles to be among the most secure professions of the future, in particular those of Data Analyst, IT Professional, and Product Designer.

Furthermore, with global spending on the Internet of Things tipped to exceed $1.29 Trillion by the year 2020 and include more the 75 billion connected devices by the year 2025, those skilled in the art of digital media can expect a bright future ahead.

Is a career in Digital Media right for you?

To enjoy a long and successful career in digital media the following qualities are a must:

  • Clear communication
  • A passion for technology
  • Sharp attention to detail
  • Endless creativity
  • Quality customer service skills
  • A mind for analysis

Think you can handle a career in this fast-paced and constantly changing industry? If so, there has never been a better time to start. Whether you have your heart set on interactive media, content creation or digital media design, training.com.au has you covered, as we can connect you with everything from in-class marketing programs to online design courses.

So what are you waiting for? Find your course and start today!