Career in Dance Teaching

Being a dance teacher can be a full-time career path or a part-time/casual position for a dance student or as a side job. Dance teaching courses are a great way to get an understanding of the human body, choreography and working with children. As a dance teacher, you could work at a private or public school across Australia, after-school programs, as an assessor/adjudicator or teach at dance schools and dance companies. Your career could centre on working within communities, for elite performances or for a range of age from pre-school to adults.

Careers within the Dance Industry

An elite performance is more than just the dancers, completing a dance course online is one of many ways someone can work within the dance industry. Having experience in musical theatre or the fine arts is a great way to break through multiple career roles with dance including:

  • Choreographer
  • Photographer or Videographer
  • Dance Therapist or Dance Medicine Specialist
  • Costume Designer
  • Arts Management

Study Options for Dance Courses

Whether you’re looking for a short course or bachelor degree in dance training, there are dance teaching courses available through a variety of pathways and professional dance courses at multiple institutions. If you’re considering teaching as a career path, the top institutions for dance courses at university include Macquarie University, University of New South Wales and the University of Melbourne. Other educational pathways for dance teaching courses can include online institutions such as ACPE and Australian College of Dance. If being a dance industry professional is the career path for you, it is important that you have a strong background in dance performance and dance classes before applying for a dance company. You could also study a diploma of dance or certificate IV in dance depending on your career options such as being a choreographer, management specialist etc. Dance course options for teachers or the career path of your choice include:

  • Certificate II in Dance
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance)
  • Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management
  • Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance)