Who is this course for?

This course is open to all people without much experience in data science or data analytics. There are no prerequisites to enrol, but to make it easy, our data analytics course is ideal for:

  • Anyone keen to work in this field without an existing background in data science or analytics 
  • Anybody looking for an in-depth course where they can develop data analytics skills in line with industry standards
  •  Data science specialises wanting to upskill their career and experience with in-demand skills. 
  • Anyone looking to increase their salary or job opportunities in the field of data analytics  

Current Australian students and international students who have some recognition of prior learning, (rpl), may wish to use credit points or undertake further study in other data science courses available to them. These include a graduate diploma or masters degree in data analytics or computer science

What skills will you gain from the course?

A certificate or graduate in data science and analytics will gain expert knowledge from industry experts and various technical skills such as: 

  • Data visualisation and communication 
  • Programming skills(r programming, SQL, python)
  • Cloud computing 
  • Data management of big data and complex data (i.e. data mining)
  • Mastering data analytics software (Hadoop, google analytics) 
  • Information systems 

Being able to analyse various data sets and different programming languages is crucial to business decision making. Data science and analytics can also improve business intelligence and provide solutions to specific real-life business problems with clear and concise data. An online course in data analytics and science will provide you with a relevant transferable skill set and open up opportunities across industries for you. 

Delivery Mode

We offer flexible online short courses and study options available through our login portal. There are many short course sites include edx, Coursera and azure, as well as deep learning opportunities in social media courses (LinkedIn). A Data Science and Analytics course can be done on a part-time or a full-time basis depending on your preference. The coursework will provide you with the opportunity to learn from industry experts and work in a variety of roles such as data analyst, data engineer, data scientist, business analyst and many more. An online course is an excellent learning experience that will help to build your data science and Analytical knowledge and let you steer your career direction in a variety of ways from analytics professional to working in information technology or a data science team

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