Course Guide

Several customer courses can be found online; the main courses are Certificate II, III and IV in Customer Engagement or a Diploma of Customer Engagement. A Certificate III in Customer Engagement consists of several units of competency. All core units must be completed to attain certification and qualification with at least some elective units

Core competencies 

  • Use Multiple Information Systems (BSBCUE301)
  • Work Effectively in Customer Engagement (BSBCUE307)
  • Develop Product and Service Knowledge for Customer Engagement (BSBCUE309)
  • Deliver and Monitor a Service to Customers (BSBCUE301)

Some elective units

  • Work Effectively with Others (BSBWOR203)
  • Deliver and Monitor a Service to Customers (BSBCUS301)
  • Process Customer Complaints (BSBCMM301)
  • Organise Personal Work Priorities and Development (BSBWOR301)
  • Conduct Customer Engagement (BSBCUE203)

Participation in Certificate III may require a certificate I or ii qualification or a pre-training review and language, literacy and numeracy assessment. Course fees, payment options and payment plans may vary depending on different Australian training institutions. Training packages in customer engagement courses can also be offered to the company to improve work practices.

Education Pathways

A Certificate III (BSB30215) in Customer Engagement, can cover a range of complex customer service roles, and provide technical advice to those already in the industry. Previous pathways in a Certificate III (BSB30215) in Customer Engagement include certificate I and ii. Further education pathways include a Certificate IV in Customer Engagement and a Diploma of Customer Engagement

Why learn Customer engagement?

High customer engagement represents a strong emotional connection between a customer and a brand. Companies and organisations need individuals with skills in customer engagement as highly engaged customers represent 23% more revenue according to Gallup research. Being able to demonstrate precise customer engagement skills can provide sales solutions and meet key performance indicators for individuals. This can lead to more significant career opportunities and promotions into sales consultant roles. 

Delivery Mode

There are a range of flexible online courses and study options available. Customer engagement courses include detailed learning materials, assessments, case study examples and online support and certification upon successful completion. Most customer engagement courses can be done on a part-time or full-time basis with varying start dates depending on your preference. After completion of the course, individuals may gain work experience, and traineeships with new customer contact skills or further upskill at work with greater customer engagement activity.