A Bachelor of Business Marketing will provide you with the crucial knowledge in understanding the theories related to products, brands, customer needs and business strategies.

Not only does this comprehensive degree cover business practices across the spectrum, but you’ll also leave with an intensive knowledge of marketing and related principles.

Learning Outcomes

A Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing has a strong focus on core business subjects, including economics and finance, accounting, management, commercial law and management.

However, this specialised bachelor of business includes detailed marketing subjects so that when you graduate you’ll have the expertise in marketing to enter the industry with confidence.

Many of the marketing areas that are covered in a Bachelor of Business Marketing include brand management, analysing markets, market research, developing marketing strategies, services marketing and application of marketing strategies.

Most Bachelor of Business Marketing courses have a duration of three years, however, some speciality degrees, as well as those with Honours, can take four years to complete. International study and exchange opportunities are very popular in Bachelor of Business as well as many Universities in Australia offering work placement.

By the end of your degree, you will have the ability to:

  • Analyse business environments
  • Create value for customers
  • Have a thorough knowledge of promotion, distribution and pricing
  • How to effectively conduct market research
  • Advertising and communication techniques
  • How to market services and products
  • Understanding economic and global influences on marketing

Career Outcomes

The career prospects for marketing and advertising professionals in Australia is expected to be high over the next five years and has continued to grow strongly over the past years. One of the greatest aspects of a Bachelor of Business is that it allows you to gain a set of highly- crucial and easily transferable skills which can open the doors to careers across the business spectrum, not just in marketing.

Better yet, areas in digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and business-to-business marketing are becoming increasingly more influential and now have a stronger focus in Bachelor of Business Marketing programs. Some of the areas that marketing students and graduates enter include brand management, public relations, research, direct marketing and channel management.

This can lead to a number of notable career such as:

  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Marketing Coordinator/ Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Advertising/ Communication Executive
  • Digital Marketer
  • Marketing Research Leader