A Bachelor of property can prepare you for the exciting world of real estate and guide you towards a prosperous career in the property market. Covering areas from property valuation, investment, development and property management; a Bachelor of Property is one of the most extensive real estate qualifications that you can obtain, making it a worthwhile investment if you’ve always seen yourself in this versatile sector.

Learning Outcomes

A Bachelor of Property can take around three years to complete, but upon graduation, you’ll have the skill, knowledge and confidence to succeed in the property and real estate world. There are many areas that are covered in the Bachelor of Property, especially in areas of commercial property management, tenancy, property valuation and management.

These real estate courses will cover the basics of business, management as well as market assessment to prepare any graduate to have the foundation of knowledge to build relationships with clients and prepare sound advice and assistance on property. Some of the other key areas that are often studied in these real estate degrees include asset and property management, property marketing, property and land rights, managing finances and taxation, property development and investment and valuation.

Many Bachelor of Property courses are available online, which is perfect for anyone needing to balance their personal or existing business commitments around their study schedule. There’s also a chance to specialise in a particular area, such as property valuation with the opportunity to be recognised by the Australian Property Institute (API) as having the additional skills to pursue a career in this area of real estate and property.

Most Bachelor of Property courses in Australia are accredited by the Australian Property Institute and align with the The Australia and New Zealand Valuation and Property Standards. Depending on the course provider chosen, some of these real estate courses also provide a work placement or internship option, so you can gain the real-world experience which is invaluable in this industry.

When you complete a Bachelor of Property, you’ll have the ability to perform a number of job-related responsibilities, including:

  • Understanding the legal requirements surrounding property
  • Thorough knowledge in property valuation, management and investment
  • Have the ability to provide advice, assistance and develop relationships with clients
  • Effectively manage land and property
  • Know how to market properties
  • Sound knowledge in the property and real estate market
  • Identify valuation and assessment of property and land

Career Outcomes

There are many career outcomes available for those that successfully complete a Bachelor of Property or even a Bachelor of Real Estate. No matter what are you wish to get into, either the residential, commercial or industrial sector of real estate; there’s plenty of opportunities at your fingertips.

Many of the Bachelor of Property courses advertised in Australia are accredited by the Australian Property Institute (API) and being recognised by this industry body in Australia can help increase your chance of employment.

Some of the many careers that you could end up in upon graduating from a Bachelor of Property include;

  • Property Valuer
  • Property Economist
  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Property Market Analyst
  • Property Developer
  • Leasing Agent