During this course, you will develop the necessary ecological knowledge which will allow you to successfully deal with a range of complex systems through the use of many modern biotechnological techniques. This online degree course will cover a range of key disciplines, primarily including: ecology, ecotoxicology, marine biology and aquaculture, environmental biotechnology diagnostics and molecular agriculture.

As a result of these studies, you will develop a wide range of core knowledge and vital techniques in the skills of both plant and animal species identification. Added to this, you will build a strong and practical knowledge base in molecular biology, genetics, biological chemistry and microbiology.

Important note: if you are considering applying to undertake this Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences) online degree course, please be aware that, to complete some key units of the course, you will be required to attend a series of laboratory sessions which will be held in Melbourne.

Career Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this course and achieve their degree will be able to work in every area of both the biotechnology and biosciences fields. Examples of such future work can include key activities in disciplines such as gene manipulation in mammals, toxin testing in waterways, and crop protection actions. If you are a graduate, you can confidently seek employment in a diverse range of positions in the research, production, and testing areas of governmental organisations. Successful candidates can also look to apply their skills in both private laboratories and in many field work projects.

Past graduates of this Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences) online degree course are already widely respected for their level of ‘real world’ education and in the valuable ‘hands-on’ application of the many skills and techniques they have learned. We have found graduates in this discipline to be thought of as highly desirable potential employees in many relevant areas of both the public and private sectors.