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What is Beauty Therapy?

In Australia, beauty therapy is continuously growing to be a booming industry and providing a magnitude of a range of employment opportunities. It is important to have a qualification such as a Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy to help you stand out from the crowd.

As a beauty therapist, your position is dependent upon your chosen field of beauty treatment, your skills can help both physically and mentally change an individual, helping them to feel special or gain a different look or feels, as you can become an expert in facial and body care.

Recently makeup artistry is becoming an increasingly popular choice of work, as a professional make up has become a must-have for a special day, and applying it yourself is now considered a daily routine for many.

Beauty Therapy Jobs

A career in beauty can lead to jobs all over the world to perform beauty treatments at spas, resorts, cruises and multiple other locations. You could also be presented with opportunities to work at magazine companies, theatre productions and at television stations.

A position in the beauty industry does not have to be purely application and client-based, if you have skills in sales, marketing or product development, consider positions in a brand such as a consultant or representative, product sales assistant, marketing manager or even becoming a teacher at your specialised craft. As a professional beauty therapist, there are many fields of beauty for you to explore and decide which career is right for you, consider a position such as:

  • Hairdresser
  • Beautician
  • Skin Care Specialist/ Facialist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Nail Technician
  • Cosmetic Beauty Advisor / Product Demonstrator

Where to Study Beauty Therapy?

A variety of beauty therapist courses can be found at beauty institutions including Elly Lukas Beauty College, the Academy of Makeup, Ella Bache College and Endota Spa Wellness College. However many non beauty specialised institutions offer courses including Open Colleges, Victoria University and Box Hill Institute.  An excellent way to excel your career is to look into applying for a beauty therapy apprenticeship; many salons and organisations are always willing to have an apprentice or trainee. These opportunities help you in the foundation of your skills and can change your mind on if you feel the specific area is right for you.

Beauty Therapist Courses

Since beauty therapy is such a large umbrella, there are multiple areas of treatment that make up the industry; you can study a multitude of short beauty therapist courses to help extend your skill set including spray tanning, acrylic nails, eyelash extension, micro-dermabrasion and many more!

If you feel that a general advanced course such as a Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy is more suitable to your career needs, there are many beauty courses in Melbourne and across to Australia to help you begin your exciting journey including:

  • Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy

Considered as one of the best courses to learn how to become a beauty therapist, multiple institutions offer the Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy online and through in-class sessions. Learning under industry professionals, fields of study include lash and brow treatments, nail services, waxing, massage and makeup to get an all-round idea of the general areas. You’ll also learn and “nail” the skills to communicate and understand clients needs and wants to recommend them the best possible service and/or product.

  • Certificate III in Beauty Services

This course is primarily focused on the foundations of general beauty treatments including waxing, makeup, manicures and pedicures, to help you gain a position in a beauty salon or work independently.

  • Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics

If you feel you have little experience in the beauty industry, consider this certificate to help you work in positions such as over a make-up counter, being a sales representative or working as an assistant in a beauty salon.

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