Learning Outcomes

A Certificate III in Commercial Cookery covers an extensive range of topics and is often heavily focused on practical skills. This culinary arts and hospitality course is usually undertaken as an apprenticeship course, under the supervision of a professional chef or another culinary professional. Some theory work will also be covered, especially in areas of food handling, Work Health & Safety (WHS) as well as hygiene.

One of the great things the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery provides is an ability to gain experience in a great variety of cooking areas that are often needed by commercial chefs in the workplace. From preparing savoury dishes, soups, seafood and stocks through to desserts, patisseries and baked goods; a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery truly provides you with the foundation needed to enter the industry skilled.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of areas such as:

  • Planning and budgeting menus
  • Preparing both sweet and savoury dishes
  • Using food preparation equipment
  • Cleaning workspaces
  • Using health and safety practices
  • Ensuring quality of meals

Career Outcomes

When you receive a completed Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, you can enter the very diverse world of hospitality and cookery. There’s plenty of entry-level positions that you can enter in commercial restaurants, cafes and bakeries around the country. These culinary arts courses are also used as a pathway to other similar qualifications as well, such as the Diploma of Hospitality, or Advanced Diploma of Food Preparation and Commercial Cookery. These higher level qualifications can lead to careers as a restaurant manager, hotel manager or even a resort operator.

Upon completion of a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, graduates can go on to careers as a chef, chef de partie or cook.