Career Outcomes

Careers in aviation don’t always have to mean becoming a pilot; there are a large variety of careers available in the aviation industry. Whether you are starting afresh in a new career path or wanting change within the industry, consider some of these jobs that may be suitable to your current or future educational history.

  • Aircraft Maintenance EngineerThis job actually holds the responsibility of ensuring an aircraft is safe and operates properly through assessing repairs, performing regular inspections and updating the aircraft.
  • Flight OperationsFlight operations is just one branch of many jobs within the industry, this area is generally made up of a team responsible for the day to day running of an airlines operations control centre and many other crucial tasks.
  • Air TransportWorking within air transportation involves establishing procedures for loading both passengers and cargo onto abroad different types of aircraft as well as handling safety precautions for special cargo etc.
  • Air TrafficAir traffic control is a pretty common job many people think of within the aviation industry other than a pilot, this job checks flight plans, gives all clear to pilots for take offs and landing as well as directing all traffic at the airport.
  • Flight InstructorA rewarding career, being a Flight Instructor involves training students to gain their commercial pilot licence or any other qualification within the aviation industry, this may also include assessing said group of students.

Aviation Courses

Most of the above career paths require different course choices, as there is a separate course for most occupations. When you study aviation at TAFE or through higher education, there are many full-time study options available, and even short courses you can complete to gain a broader understanding of the aviation industry. If you’re intending to study an Australian aviation course there are multiple institutions across the country offering courses such as:

  • Certificate III in Aviation
  • Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots)
  • Bachelor of Aviation
  • Certificate IV in Aviation (Aviation Supervision)
  • Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)