Counselling Courses

Why choose counselling courses?

Qualifications in counselling teach you the practical skills you need to make a profound and everlasting difference in people’s lives. With flexible study options available, including on-campus and online learning, both full-time and part-time, counselling offers an ideal career path for individuals at all stages of their professional journey.

As a counsellor, you will have the opportunity to work with diverse clients who are facing a range of emotional and psychological issues, such as loss, substance abuse, family and relationship challenges, career transitions, and mental health concerns. Your role as a counsellor is not only unique but also immensely gratifying as you provide valuable assistance and support to others.

Career opportunities in counselling

A career in counselling opens doors to a wide range of job opportunities. Whether you’re interested in working with individuals, couples, or families, counselling courses can prepare you for various roles, including:

Moreover, there are related career options that require similar counselling skills, such as:

Job outlook and salary

If you’re considering a career in counselling, it’s essential to understand the job outlook and salary potential. According to Labour Market Insights, there are expected to be around 3,500 more counselling jobs opening up by 2026 — that’s a 14.2% increase. The average salary range is between $80,000 – $100,00 and the most common qualification is either a bachelor degree or postgraduate degree, including graduate diploma and graduate certificate.

Explore counselling courses

There are various types of counselling courses available to suit your career aspirations and current experience level:

Certificate IV Courses: These specialised courses provide targeted training in areas such as youth work practice, life coaching, advocacy, and planning. Certificate IV courses equip you with the skills needed to establish practices, develop business plans, identify target clientele, and build effective marketing strategies. These online courses in counselling are open-entry, with no previous academic qualifications required.

Diploma Courses: A Diploma in Counselling can be the ideal first step for those wanting to embark on a career in the industry. It’s also a valuable course for those professionals who use the skills of counsellors in their existing role, yet have a desire for formal training. The online course can provide the career outcomes of counsellor, family support services, and government support services, or within community organisations.

Undergraduate Degrees: Pursuing a Bachelor qualification will create more opportunities for career advancement. To enrol in an undergraduate counselling degree, completion of a Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, or Associate Degree is typically required. Upon graduation, you’ll be eligible to work as a registered counselling professional, either within your own practice or in community, government, or private organisations.

Is counselling right for you?

A career in counselling means you’ll make a significant impact on the lives of others who are in need and require support to overcome their challenges. Whether you’re just starting your career, re-entering the workforce, or seeking a total career change, counselling offers diverse possibilities that align with your interests and passion.

It’s important to note that counselling requires strength and resilience, as you’ll be listening to people’s problems and guiding them towards better choices and improved emotional well-being. You’ll need to handle your clients’ issues without allowing them to drain your energy or negatively impact your personal life. As a counsellor, you’ll address various common problems, including relationship difficulties, grief, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

Working with clients on a short-term basis, you’ll have the opportunity to help them develop coping strategies, increase self-awareness, resolve issues, and explore options for personal growth. A career in counselling is highly fulfilling as you play a vital role in facilitating positive change in people’s lives.

Unlock your potential and embark on a rewarding journey by exploring our comprehensive range of counselling courses today.