What is Share Trading?

Share trading is the art of buying and selling shares–part-ownerships of large publically listed companies that allow you to purchase limited amounts of their business–through online stock exchanges or over the counter markets. This can be done through share trading platforms and online trading platforms, using share-trading accounts.

While this can be high risk, there’s also a chance for a high reward for those willing to put in the hard work to understand the turbulent waters of share trading. With most jobs in NSW (52%), and VIC (28%), there’s an increasing rise in the online trading scene as well, offering opportunities for another income channel that can certainly pay off.

Career Prospects in Share Trading

Big banks and hedge funds usually dominate careers in share trading. They’re found in a variety of these organisations including government, private, and public firms. Share trading positions can also be found in both commercial and investment banks. These are usually only accessible with financial services, accounting, economics, or other business centred degrees as a background. If you want to work at the Melbourne Stock Exchange or Sydney Stock Exchange, you’ll need a variety of specialty licenses, such as the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL).

During your career with these companies you would be paid a set salary. For example, the average salary of a stockbroker in Australia is $65,000 per year and your duties, including making trades, will be on behalf of companies. If you wish to get started by yourself, you can easily sign up for a share trading account on any platform and begin trading. These platforms will usually charge brokerage fees or commissions on any trades you make, so it is important to fully research the platform and potential cautions that could affect you (and your money!).

Share Trading Industry Outlook

Due to changing government regulations after the global financial crisis and beyond, the Australian Stock Market is experiencing interesting times. With the events of Brexit and the US Presidential Election, as well as other global movements, there has been a shift in the way customers are looking at the world’s big businesses. This has had an impact on the share trading industry in Australiaand has created opportunities for aspiring market entrants. This has made it easier than ever to participate in the global share trading markets from Australia.

Share Trading  Courses

There are many different study options to suit a variety of desired outcomes, timeframes, and study capabilities. Some may wish to complete a 6-month course on an introduction to share trading, while others may want to earn a Diploma in Share Trading and earn a full Australian Financial Services License. Whatever your ambitions, availability, and previous achievements; there are always courses that will suit your needs.

Short Courses and Certificates

The first simple step to learning about share trading is to complete a short course. These cover topics such as online investment, understanding market trends, trading across various markets and analysing markets. There are also courses for individuals looking to trade shares independently, offering insights into how to create a trading plan, and are an ideal way to tip your toes into the turbulent waters of share trading. This is a perfect low-risk, high reward option for anyone wanting to determine if the industry is for you.


The next step up from a Certificate in Share Trading, and offer distinct advantages such as opening doors into share trading as a full-time career; a Diploma course, such as a Diploma of Share Trading and Investment, is for anyone who is serious about the industry. Through a Diploma course, you will learn about conducting market analysis with the latest software, charts and techniques. You will also gain greater insight into the stock market trading strategies used by industry professionals around the world.

Necessary Skills and Responsibilities

Stock trading is a high-paced, intense, and exciting career. Depending on your position you may be working with your own money, or with the money of a large firm. Making timely and well-informed trades is potentially high-risk and high-reward, and some people love the thrill of turning a small investment into a large profit at the press of a few buttons. This is not always the case, however, and some people may find the pressures and competitive nature of share trading not to their liking.

Some of the skills you’ll need to succeed in a fast-paced career in Share Trading include:

  • Extensive knowledge of the stock market
  • Trading knowledge
  • Think quickly, sometimes with limited information
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Competitive analysis
  • Good with numbers
  • Process information fast
  • High level of commitment

If this sounds like you, or someone who you would like to be, stop thinking and start acting! Find your dream career now by searching our courses in share trading to find the perfect fit for you.