Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of a Bachelor of Arts degree are many and varied. Central to any arts degree is the acquisition of written and oral communication skills. You will learn to build, write and explain arguments and/or creative works. When questioned, you will be able to defend your ideas persuasively, while accepting others’ perspectives. You will learn to think analytically, creatively and in the abstract.

In addition, you will become deeply knowledgeable about your chosen disciplines – whether English, History, Philosophy and/or Politics. You will read and analyse major events, works and movements. Also crucial is the development of an understanding of your disciplines’ history, theoretical perspectives and methods of inquiry.

Expect to have your preconceptions overturned and your mind challenged by the extraordinary amount of cultural, natural and social phenomena in the world and the many ways in which they can be understood and interpreted. Your study will cover not only your country of origin, but also international perspectives.

Career Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts graduates have a plethora of employment opportunities before them. Participation in a graduate employment program can secure you a role in the public sector at local, state and/or federal levels. Alternatively, non-government organisations offer career opportunities in fields like project co-ordination, advocacy, research and policy support.

If you’re interested in higher education, you might consider becoming a teacher, tutor, librarian or student support staff member in a university, TAFE or college. Is media more your area of interest? Look into journalism cadetships, online content management positions or media monitoring roles with communications organisations.

Perhaps you’re the creative type. If so, launch a career in the arts sector. You might find yourself creating public programs, organising events, managing a gallery or directing a museum. Advertising attracts creative brains, too, so you could also think about market research, retail management, sales or advertising.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree to your name, there are so many exciting possibilities ahead. To find out more, get in touch today.

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