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Strong career prospects for nursing graduates

The career prospects for graduates of the Diploma of Nursing are strong. According to the Australian government’s Job Outlook initiative, nurses can expect a high rate of employment demand, with greater than 50,000 job openings per annum projected to the year 2019. There are also strong prospects for long-term growth expected over the course of their career.

Nursing is a skill set that’s in demand right across the Australian health care sector, and there are scores of roles that a Diploma of Nursing can unlock for graduates.

Nurses provide health care to people within the public and private hospital systems – in emergency and general care, surgery and recovery, with opportunities to work in multiple fields.

In the wider community, nurses provide hospice and palliative caregiving; work at aged care homes and in private home arrangements for disabilities and rehabilitation.

Nursing is a highly skilled, well-respected profession that will always be in-demand and valued by the community.

Get started with nursing today

The Diploma of Nursing is a comprehensive training course that’s focused on moulding graduates who are ready to work in this vibrant sector.

Nursing is a rewarding career that makes a difference in people’s lives. The skills you learn through the Diploma of Nursing will help you help others, and could lead to a long and successful career in the Australian health care sector.