The value of a herbal medicine course

In order to practice as a herbalist, it is important to gain professional recognition. This can be achieved through a short course in herbal medicine, naturopathy or a similar field. After gaining an understanding of herbal medicine and how it is applied by different healthcare professionals, you can start to make a positive change in people’s lives.

Herbal medicine course inclusions

The exact inclusions of your herbal medicine course will vary depending on what your interests are. You may choose to practice either Eastern or Western herbal medicine, for example, which consist of their own unique approaches. 

In general, your herbal medicine course will go over herbal preparations, common herbal remedies, identifying medicinal herbs, and the use of herbs in complementary medicine.

A herbal medicine course will also go over various natural therapies, addressing any safety concerns that may come with certain remedies as well. From picking out medicinal plants (and understanding their medicinal properties) to gaining a sound understanding of the link between human nutrition and wellness, a short course provides the ideal pathway for a career in herbalism.

The herbal medicine course you choose should draw on the traditional origins of herbalism, while also harnessing modern knowledge of health science and the human body.

Choose between an online course or an in-person course at a training institution to kickstart your journey as a natural medicine practitioner, naturopath or herbalist.

Herbal medicine jobs

To make a career out of your passion for herbalism, it is important to gain accreditation. This allows you to practice throughout the country, bringing positive results to the lives of those you touch. Depending on the exact qualifications you obtain, you could work as a naturopath, herbalist, or other form of natural medicine practitioner

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