With the world swiftly changing when it comes to how students learn, the course will also cover the increasing need to understand digital literacy. This online degree starts by swapping ideas on the best teaching strategies, and then throughout the course further workshops will ensure in-depth learning.

To make sure all students are ready to become teachers, the course incorporates block teaching which includes an internship for one term, so the teacher can receive practical and helpful real-life skills.

Learning Outcomes

Once the Bachelor of Education (Primary) course has been completed, students should expect to have a whole host of skills, readying them for a career in the classroom.

These skills include being creative when forming assignments and teaching approaches for the students, as well as self-reflecting on how they can improve their teaching habits each year.

The teacher should also be able to understand where to get the best information and resources and what technologies might best suit their students’ learning. They will know where to go to gather this information and make an informed judgement. This includes an understanding of what type of technology is appropriate for the students.

No matter what the different primary school education environment, the teacher should have a thorough understanding on how best to communicate and work with the students.

A good teacher will come out of the course knowing how to self-motivate themselves and with a passion to continue learning, so they can improve their teaching skills throughout their career.

After the course, teachers should be able to understand the curriculum for primary schools and know the best ways to implement this curriculum, making good decisions that will help their students to learn.

Upon completion of the course, the teacher will also have a thorough understanding of international teaching standards and how to practise teaching in a professional way, taking into consideration all global issues.

A good teacher will also be respectful in their work, considering students’ different and varied needs and the various communities they teach in.

The course will also empower teachers to take leadership roles in education and be able to analyse and choose the best practices for their learning environment. This covers both the way they teach and how they tackle assessments.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Education (Primary) course, all teachers will have the experience, skill base and information they need to teach a primary school class.

Furthermore, this course creates alternative career options such as working in education policy development or for becoming an education administrator.

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