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With the current rise in technology and the need to keep innovating, creating and streamlining every aspect of life, those skilled in IT or in high demand. If you want to be at the top of your game and have potential employers lining up to hire you, then a Bachelor of Information Technology is the best way to get ahead.

Learning Outcomes

The intensive Bachelor of Information Technology is a fantastic investment in this profitable and worthwhile industry, providing all students with the ability to gain key insights into IT practices within a business as well as how to develop, manage and maintain IT systems, programs and databases to maximise business performance. Every organisation is reliant on IT to continue its practices, in virtually every area too which makes those that have the professional knowledge in these practices such a commodity to a company.

Many Bachelor of Information Technology courses provides a combination of theory and practical application so when you graduate, you can enter the industry with confidence. Most offer a specialisation or major, which is ideal considering the many areas that IT can cover. Programming, security, cloud computing, database management and system administration are all common areas of specialisation and can help create your expertise in a certain area.

Many of these bachelor-level IT courses provide a work placement component so you can get the real- world experience and apply your learning to an actual business environment, which is an invaluable addition to your resume and is especially appealing to potential employers.

When you graduate from a Bachelor of Information Technology, you’ll have knowledge and skills including:

  • Understand the role of information Technology in a business
  • Develop and apply the correct IT solutions to address business issues or objectives
  • Create, implement and monitor new systems and IT processes
  • Work professionally with other colleagues and clients

Career Outcomes

There’s no doubt about it, the information technology sector is one of the most fool-proof industries to enter. If you’re seriously considering an IT career, a Bachelor of information Technology will allow you to have the skills and experience needed to take the industry by storm.  Government data expects as much as 11% more IT positions to be created by 2020 and as many as 72,000 IT Managers needed.

No matter what size a business, small, medium or even global, every company is somehow dependent on technology to streamline their processes, making you and the skills you can provide invaluable. Another great benefit of this industry is that it’s so diverse in terms of the areas that IT careers can be pursued. With so many doors open to you and so many different IT career paths, the opportunities are seemingly limitless.

A Bachelor of Information technology can open the door to many IT careers, including;

  • Software Analyst
  • Systems Administrator
  • Business Analyst
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • IT Project Manager
  • Data Scientist/ Engineer
  • ICT Manager
  • IT Security Consultant